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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another day in the life

We woke this morning to a little more snow. Maybe 1/2 inch or so that melted by noon. Although it was a little cold outside the clouds finally gave way to some sunshine. It was too messy to do anything outside so I went to moms apartment to get some of her stuff packed and ready to move. She is going to be in the nursing home for quite some time I think and her grace period is up on her apartment rental. Now to find some place to store the stuff. It wont take long to get the furniture moved out and then move her personal belongings. She is doing pretty good with her therapy but she is having a really hard time with balance. She has a tendency to fall if she doesn't hold on to something and she doesn't remember to take these precautions. Just say a prayer for her and that she gets adjusted well to her situation. That is about all we can do at this point.
I was thinking today about my fruit and nut tree order. I may be in a predicament if the trees arrive soon. Our orchard land is too wet to plant in and well I just ain't ready for trees. I need to get some manure composting and round up some mulch material. But I can store them in the cellar till the ground is in some kind of condition to plant them. The same goes for the strawberries and blueberry bushes I have on order. All in due time I guess.
I think I am going to start collecting eggs from the dark Cornish hens and fill my incubators with eggs and then set the one hen that is trying to set. That way all the eggs will hatch at the same time and then hen will be in for one big surprise. While she is hatching I will put the babies from the incubator under her and let her have the brooder house to raise all the babies in. I am sure hens cant count and maybe she wont notice that she has more chicks than eggs that she set on. We shall see how that goes. I may be the one surprised and have to hand raise a bunch of little chicks. But it wont be my first rodeo.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Chris W said...

I am soooo tired of the snow! We've set a record here for snowfall for the month of February, I believe at last count it was almost 16". We woke up yesterday morning to another 2", uuuuugggghhhhh. This place is gonna be a swamp when it all melts!

Jen said...

Prayers sent for your Mom. I am excited for yer order of the tree's. Yer just about 100% sustainable on yer place! That is awesome. ~jen
PS..what is snow?

Terry said...

Prayers sent about you and your Mom. It is a tough time for all involved I am sure. Have fun with the chicks. I want some but I am going to wait until the weather gets some kind of calmed down. Take Care. Terry

stella said...

hey ya'll, thanks for visiting. gosh i got so many plans and so little help. I ask my self someitmes if maybe I am biting off more than i can chew. got moms stuff that needs moved and cant move it out till I get the rental house cleaned out and cleaned up again. Got a bursted water line and thas gonna take some time to get someone to repair. Maybe I should clone meself about 10 times. lol HEEEEPPPPMEHURRY


Terry said...

If I lived closer I would be glad to have HEPPED YA but..... I understand. Things get kinda crazy when you have as much stuff as you do on their plate. Still sending prayers. ~ Terry