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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too early................

Way too early to be mentally easing into fall. But that is about what I have done today. Making mental note as to what needs to be done while we still have good weather left and before the winter sets in. The garden is all but done and needs to be cut down so it can be turned this fall. Need to either sell or butcher some chickens and build pens for the ones that I plan to keep.
Had to be away from the farm for a bit today and before leaving went ahead and turned the chickens out to forage. Wasn't gone long, came home and checked on them to find all was well and they did just fine without my help. Came inside for a couple hours to do some things. Went out later to close the chicken house up for the night and all the birds were inside looking concerned. In the lower end of the yard was one bird that something had killed and partially eaten. They are very close to the house and we have no idea what killed this bird. But some very brave and stupid critter to get that close. I will still let them out again tomorrow but will be more watchful. I should be outside most of the day any way. Need to do some cleanup around the place. We are supposed to have some pleasant temps for several days. So maybe without the extreme heat I can get more done. We shall see. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



MA Fat Woman said...

Two bear cubs tried to get into my brother's chicken house.

stella said...

Hi MA, I am thinkin this was a hawk in that it couldnt carry the bird off to eat it.
Now bear cubs, well they would jus have to feast on chicken, dont think I would confront one of those.


Anonymous said...

If it were an owl or hawk that killed your bird, it would have pulled the head off, and left the carcass.