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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I over did it again........

Well another one of those over did it scenes again. For some reason when we plant our garden, I just don't know when to stop planting seeds. I always plant more than I need of everything. This year was a little different in the respect that the garden didn't do so well with all the weather we had. Was in the garden this evening to pick the last of the sweet corn (the lil short kind) and decided it was time to get the cushaws out too. These were an heirloom variety from a friend that had saved the seed.The vines were dead so that's usually a good time to pick. They have done really well all things considered. Not sure what I will do with all of them but some will be chicken feed. I remember my dad chopping up cushaws to feed the hogs and chickens when I was younger. We still have the sweet potatoes in the garden along with some peppers, cantaloupes, watermelons and the corn for corn meal. The rest of the garden will be mowed down probably tomorrow. Good thing my gourds are safely hidden in the corn or they would meet their demise as well.
So I am off to put the corn in the freezer before bedtime. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



dgr said...

Stella, Nope, never saw a cushaw before!

Anne M. said...

me either! =)

stella said...

HI yall, well that is what they are. We have grown them here on the farm off and on all my life. In a cool dry place they will keep for many months.