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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Planting and picking

Today was a great day to work outside. The weather was good but very wet from the t-storms we had last night. I did find time to pull all the grass and weeds out of the spent onion beds so I could plant asparagus that was given to me by a good friend. One of the beds still has walking onions in it and they got weeded and now need to be mulched. We worked in some compost and got those planted. Now I need to make a place to plant the peppermint also. The asparagus will take a couple years to make spears but well worth the wait. And the peppermint makes great tea.
After the planting we made out way to the garden to pick corn, tomatoes, cukes, squash and dig some potatoes. The corn is finished and the cukes are almost done too. I did get about a bushel of tomatoes. The few cukes and squash will be made into bread and butter pickles tomorrow.
We have had so much wet weather that the potatoes are starting to sprout again in the ground. We are going to dig them as soon as possible to prevent further loss. This has been a really hard gardening year, but we keep at it. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

It sure is nice to see green grass. I fergot what it looked like. Yer doin' a fine job! ~jen

stella said...

Hi Jen, well the grass is the one thing that has grown best with all the rain we have had. wish I could get some in a box the ship to ya!