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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The daily happenings

Ah the joys of life on the farm in summer time. The weather today was rather nice for an August day. Overcast and cool enough to enjoy being outside. Although being outside was not to happen for me till later in the evening. I spent the early part of the afternoon making tomatillo salsa. This was all new to me and I got to experiment a little. We had some with our tacos and burritos for supper tonight and it turned out rather tasty. I sure had enough tomatillos to use up. Just some advice, if you grow tomatillos, a few plants will supply you with all you want to deal with. But not me, I planted about 30 plants and have already harvested 1/2 bushel and there will be probably a bushel more. But it will get used and shared with friends I'm sure.
After supper I decided to let my young chickens out in the yard for a bit to get some greens. The poor things have been in the building so long they really don't know how to act on the ground. Some of them came out to pick at the nearby grass and one decided to try his wings and landed in the grass and really just froze in his tracks. The cats were very amused with these big birds but not sure if they were for catchin or watchin. But with some convincing from me they decided to just watch the chickens for a bit from a distance. As dark set in the chickens went back in the building to the feed and water and safety of their house. Some of these birds will be in the freezer soon and some will be layers for next year as I butcher off my older flock of layers. In the meantime they are a pleasure to watch as they go about their business of living.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


Jen said...


That salsa looks great! I didnt know that tomatillos grew so prolifically. *Grabbin' chips, headed to stellys. ~jen

stella said...

Hi ya'll. Thanks for visiting. Maybe I got a little over zealous plantin the tomatillos. I got probably 30 plants total and they are full a lil paper lanterns. And the salsa was really good. So bring the chips and come on up!