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Monday, August 17, 2009

Plantin and harvestin

After all the rain and wet weather we have had this summer and low production of the garden I am still planting and hoping for something better. The temps have been in the high 90's for a few weeks now. On Saturday we got some ground plowed up and I sowed more mustard and turnips for greens and a row of beets. Then today after pulling out the tomatillo plants from the herb bed I sowed some lettuce and some more parsley. I planted parsley 3 times this spring and it didn't come up either time. And I do use a lot of dried parsley in cooking. I just thought it may be nice to have some late lettuce for salads this fall. Guess I am trying real hard to make summer last as long as possible.
The heat here is almost unbearable this time of year with all the humidity. We did get a little sprinkle of rain this morning. Maybe that will encourage my greens and beets to sprout and grow. I like pickled beets with pinto beans and cornbread. And my spring crop was surely nothing to write home about.
My chickens are growing and look so pretty and healthy. The black australorps are really gentle and calm. Wont be long till they should start laying. The dark Cornish are pretty birds, very docile as well. With 51 birds in the building, I am thinking it wont be long before we have to do some butchering. At this point I would much rather sell the black australorps to someone for layers than to butcher them. They would make someone a good flock of layers. When I ordered my dark Cornish from the hatchery they sent me one free bird with my order. Well turns out it is a lil bantam of some sort, but he sure is a cute little fellow. And it is so funny to hear him crow, he sounds like he is choking on something. I have been letting the birds all run out during the day when I know I am going to be home all day or at least around the house, and they love it. Although there is no mulch left under my grapevines in the yard. But I wont have to fertilize any in the backyard this fall. It is so relaxing to watch the chickens wander about and find contentment in the little tidbit of food or an insect they dig up. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

You're so lucky to have chickens around and yes 51 birds is alotta birds. Least you'll have a steady production of eggs n' meat 'fore long. Your place looks so pretty and inviting. ~jen

dgr said...

Stella, Once I had a cute lil banty rooster that sounded like he was garglin when he tried to crow, and we all know how THAT turned out! dgr

stella said...

Hi greg,jen and deb. thanks for visiting. greg i got too many birds in the yard. Can you imagine dodging all those landmines when ya go out there.
Jen all those landmines they leave makes the grass grow when nothing else will. And they eat everything. Think I saw a worm today with body armor.
Deb, I think your lil banty rooster got in HOT water if I remember correctly. lol
But they are relaxing to watch if they jus wouldnt trample muh feet all the time.