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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fencing and gardening

Well I guess I knew the fencing would have to be done as soon as the chickens figured out that the dirt under the grape vines made a good place to dust. They were digging holes as chickens will do and eating the leaves. We dragged out the deer netting that we had used around the garden last year and run it around the post supporting the grape vines. Also had to make a round for the onion and asparagus bed so they wouldn't scratch all those up. Just a minor project that had to be done. The chickens are doing a good job of getting rid of bugs and insects in the yard. And most of them have learned to like being outside. The young roosters are still learning how to crow and they are so funny. This is probably the most friendly flock of birds I have had in a long time. They will eat from your hand. I did get to sit for a bit and play with them.
Then this evening it was on to the garden to dig potatoes. We had a huge problem with Colorado potato beetles this year and they ate the vines to twigs. And if the potatoes don't have leaves and stems they don't produce food to store in the form of potatoes. As we started digging the Kennebecs in a 50 ft row we maybe got a half bushel and it should have made 2 bushels or so. The red Pontiac are some better as they did not get eaten as bad. The weather this year handicapped us in the fact that it was so muddy and soft in the garden we could not go in to get the bugs off or spray for them, so they wrecked havoc on the plants. Just another learning experience I think. We will have to see what we can do different next year if weather permits. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



gregabob said...

Ya look like you're enjoyin the birds! It'll be tuff to choose which ones to keep for layers and which ones will end up in the freezer.....sorry to hear about your 'taters, but at least ya got some!

stella said...

Hi Greg, yeh its gonna be tough, they are so pleasant to be around and would make someone a good flock. But a feller can have way too many.