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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sleeping, doing nothing, an taking pics

Well after all it is a holiday. And I have done nothing today. Well I guess I did too, I watched Rodger cut a vent in the back end of the chicken house. It does help to keep the heat down in the brooder house for the birds. The rest of the day consisted of lots of naps. Which I guess my body needed. Then late I went to the garden and took some pics of the garden stuff.

Driving into the field, this corn is huge. It is open pollinated that we use for corn meal in the fall after it dries.

The squash and melons are growing and look good, an they have lots of blooms, so we should have fruits.

This is a row of carrots waiting to be harvested and canned, dried and made into carrot cake.

These are pink eye purple hull peas (cow peas) that I am growing for the first time. my friend Deb from Mississippi sent me the seed. This is a southern crop but looks like it will do great this far north.

I have never seen anything like this before. These should be really easy to pick, now shelling, not so easy.

Our tomatoes look great and are loaded with bloom and little tomatoes. Hope for a good crop this year.

These are heirloom Tobacco worm beans. Just planted last week and with no rain they still come up really good. They will need to be trellised tho.

On the way out of the field I took a pic of the Kentucky wonder bush beans near the Boone County White corn that we use for cornmeal and for animal feed. The beans will be a little later as they were planted late. I am sure they would grow quicker if we had a little bit of rain. But it is just supposed to be extremely hot all this week in the high 90's with no rain till the weekend and then only a possible shower. Now this is typical July weather, hot and humid.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

The garden looks beautiful. Do you till the garden to keep all of the weeds out? My garden is a constant battle with the weeds. I'm so jealous of how yours looks. lol

MA Fat Woman said...

I've never heard of a tobacco worm bean; where can I get some?

stella said...

HI ya'll , yep farm girl we till the garden to keep weeds down. Lucky for us this year it hasnt been too wet to till. I do mulch tomatoes to keep them outa the dirt tho. I dont stake or cage em, dont know how I would cage 300 tomatoe plants.
MA fat woman I have tobacco worm bean seed and I just planted some of em an they are already up. My BIL gave me the seed. Maybe I can send ya some. if ya want to email me your addy

Gracie said...

Stella, Good for you for taking the day, (almost :0) ) off. Do believe we all need to do just that every now and then. I always feel guilty when I do, but come the next day, am raring to go and get busy again. Your gardens are just beautiful. Looks like y'all will have lots of good eating come this winter, and to enjoy in the mean time, too!

stella said...

Thanks Gracie, we are blessed this year that our gardens are doing great. Last year it was a total waste of time. There was so so little to do that I left for a 2 week vacation about this time. I only have 16 quarts of green beans in my pantry, now for me thas near panic time. lol I try to keep a couple hundred. I guess this is why I sweat all summer so I can sit an get fat in winter.