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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I dont do mornings, its been a long day

I am not nor ever will be a morning person. When I say I am doing something in the "morning" you bout bet I mean not before 10 am. But I was forced outta bed this morning by someone dragging my leg off the side of the bed. Yeah I had to get up early and get started butchering chickens in order to be done so we could attend a cousins wedding. So with lots of grunting and moaning I rolled out and tried to get some coffee down hoping to be more alert and get in gear. My belly did not want or need coffee at 8 am, so it didn't keep it. That is not the way to start a day of butchering. But finally I got moving in the right direction and got all my ducks in a row. All be it a sluggish start for me, we got 12 butchered today, just Rodger and I. It went really fast once we developed a method to the madness. Only took about 2 hours to get those done. Then got them in the summer kitchen, which is so nice to keep the mess outta the house. Washed the breast and vacuum packed those for the freezer. I did leave about 6 of them whole to do on the rotisserie and got those vacuum packed as well. Then I take the skin off the legs and thighs and debone the thighs to be canned after I make a good rich stock from the back and other bony pieces. I did manage to get the stock cooked down and ready to strain before stopping to take a shower so we could go to the wedding. The wedding was really pretty, the bride is a 1st cousins daughter on hubby's side. And such a beautiful bride. A really cute couple. And I wish Cara and Derek a long happy life together. I did take many pictures so I could forward those on to Rob and Amoy as they didn't get to be there.
We got home and I got started in on finishing up the chicken and stock and getting that all canned before I have to do the rest of the chickens tomorrow. So as I type this I am sitting in the summer kitchen waiting on the canner to be done.I will have 6quarts of chicken and 5 of chicken stock when they are finished. The canned chicken makes the absolute best chicken noodle soup and chicken and dumplings. Goes down really well on cold days. OK I'm about done with this project and will be off to bed soon. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

You really did have a long day! I can't wait to do my own chicken stock for the first time! Reading this makes me antsy!

G. said...

You're amazing! I'm sure you're the only person I know that butchered chickens in the morning and went to a wedding in the evening.

small farm girl said...

Okay, your getting a call when I finally get the nerve to butcher our chickens. lol. I'll just remember to call you in the afternoon. lol

stella said...

Hi yall, lol well I do manage to keep me and everybody else around here busy. It really is not a hard job to butcher these cornish cross chickens, not many feathers and really easy to clean. AND once you make your own stock you will laff at swansons chicken broth. I think the scalding water from butchering would have more flavor than the store bought stuff.
Just yell farm girl, I dont know ever thing but will tell ya what I do know. lol