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Monday, July 19, 2010

More canning, less jars

I think today the harsh reality set in for me. I have been canning and making pickles and using jars that I had. Then it hit me, damn I ain't gonna have enough jars to even can tomatoes and green beans in if I don't stop or buy more jars.I just bought 10 more dozen pint jars this past week for canning corn and such. That doesn't include the other probably 10 dozen that I have bought in lots of 3 or 4 over the past couple months. So in my infinite wisdom (insert sarcasm here) I decided to count the jars that I still have empty to give me an idea of how many I need to buy. Well crap I don't have but about 150 empty quart jars. That may sound like a lot but I would like to have at least that many canned with green beans. So I am thinking I need to get at least another 10 dozen or so quarts at minimum. I am not done with pickles yet, not much more than started on corn, haven't canned any green beans so far. Well thas cause the beans are not ready yet. And still have yet to can the first tomatoes. Bottom line is I need a shitload more jars.
But with all that being said I made 3 more quarts of bread and butter pickles this evening and started some lime sweet pickles. I will let ya know how the lime ones turn out, this is the first time making them. I had some bread and butter pickle mix left after canning the cukes with it and I had a dishpan full of sliced onions. I like the sliced onions out of the bread and butter pickles so decided to make a few pints of just the sliced onions with the bread and butter flavored liquid. Those onions are the best on a burger, an I don't even like burgers.
I got the pink eye purple hull peas canned today that I shelled out last night while sitting in the summer kitchen waiting on the pressure canner to do its thing, finally ended all that nonsense at about 3 am this morning. The cellar is looking mighty fine about now.
My body needs some sleep and a lil rest so I can start over in the morning, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Johnna Sutton said...

I linked you on my blog because..... your amazing! Do you raise your own meat?

stella said...

Hi Johnna, tanks for linkin me. lol Well idont think im all that amazing, I jus do what I can to try to feed the family good food. I was raised here on the farm (4th generation) and I have done all this stuff my whole life. But I do have more imagination when canning than mom or anyone else in the family.
yeh we do raise some of our own meat. I have chickens that I am butchering this coming weekend. Some parts will get frozen and some will get used to make stock and some of the meat jus canned. I would love to raise my own hogs again to butcher, but hubby wont eat the pork anymore (some religion thing) so I do buy that for me. There is no reason we dont raise more animals for meat other than these guys here dont want to mess with em and I have some physical limitations now.
Have a great day!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Oh my gosh, you sound like me! There are NEVER enough jars! Where the heck do they go???? I sound like the Jar Police when I give someone something..."Make sure I get the jar back or you will never get a refill, ever!" I started getting them for Christmas gifts even! :)

stella said...

lol thas funny. I got smart and stopped givin canned stuff as gifts. Had one family member that threw some of the jars in the trash cause they were in her way. Dang was I mad. Needless to say they dont git no mo goodies.