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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy with garden stuff

We are finally getting really busy with the garden stuff. Early today I cut more herbs to dry. I got the marjoram and savory cut and it has dried already in the dehydrator. The chives now need to be clipped again and put in the freezer. In the big garden, the pink eye purple hull peas need to be picked every other day. We got another bushel from them this evening. Those will get shelled tomorrow and canned. We also picked almost a half bushel of cukes and made those into bread and butter pickles. I had some left over pickling liquid from the pickles tonight so I am thinking I will make several half pints of just onion slices canned with the same liquid. I love the flavor of the onions that are in the bread and butter pickles on a burger. And I do have a bunch of onions. Tomorrow evening I will likely clean up one of the patches of sweet corn and get it canned. I still have 2 more patches to go yet that should be ready in a week or so. I noticed tonight that the tops are dying over on the carrots so those will need to be pulled and canned as soon as possible. If I don't get them out of the ground they have a tendency to start growing new tops and this ruins the carrot and makes it woody and strong tasting.
The 2 new patches of young beans (tobacco worm and KY wonder bush) have come up and are growing like weeds. The tobacco worm beans will need to be trellised before they get too big or they will be crawling all over the place.The rains we had for a few days have done wonders for every thing in the garden. Hard to imagine with the heat so bad. I did notice too that the tater bugs have stopped eating on the few potato plants that we have left. So maybe we will get enough taters to make a meal. The bugs won again this year I think.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

funny to read your "we are finally getting busy.." comment. Makes it sound as if you weren't already busy. Had to chuckle a little there.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering stella, are the peph peas a pole bean or bush? I'm going to plant some late, and the place I got them from didn't know which kind they were.

stella said...

lol mary, well is kinda like i don't feel like I am doing anything productive if i'm not over whelmed.
the PEPH peas are technically a "cow pea" in the same class as black eyed peas, only to me they taste much better than black eyed peas. They do vine some, which I didn't know, kinda somewhere in between pole and bush, maybe half pole if there was such thing. I am sure they would do great if they were trellised, as all vines grow longer on a trellis.