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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Holiday celebration, canning

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday weekend and came thru all safe and sound. We had a nice relaxing weekend here. Rob came home from Nevada on Friday and on Saturday he and Amoy came home. Jason's buddy Josh and another friend Joe came down and spent the night. Anytime you get those guys together you can bet there will be fire works of some kind. They spent most of the afternoon shooting and having fun.

And sometimes they even let us girls play with em.

It was hot out all weekend but we were lucky enough to have shade where we have target stands for shooting. Later in the afternoon they guys shot skeet for a while. I think they got tired of shooting stuff so we all came back to the house an ate, drank and just chilled out and tried to keep cool.

Today we got in the garden and picked some cucumbers and pulled some of the carrots. I made 3 quarts and 3 pints of kosher dill slices and canned 19 pints of glazed sliced carrots. I had about 4 cukes that were too big for slices and I like to use chopped dill pickle in different things. So I chopped the big cukes really fine and canned them with the same dill pickle solution that I used in the slices. Now I have chopped dills when I want them without the hassle of chopping. That was enough for one day. Now I am tired. Yesterday before the kids got here I got 10 more pints of blackberry jam, 6 quarts of canned black berries and some blackberry syrup. I might go out tomorrow evening and pick more to make juice, syrup and wine. We shall see. Till next time blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend. That's great! There's nothing like a house full of people. Your canned goods look good too.

stella said...

hey farm girl, yeas we had a good weekend, lots fun, and got some canning done too. Still got lots more carrots to can always i never plant enough, i alas plant TOO much. lol

Jen said...

Hi Stelly,
It looks like alot of fun was had by all. You have a beautiful family. So glad yall got a chance to be together and I know you were happy to see Rob after his long stay in Nevada.
Yer cannin' treats look great! ~"Jenny"

stella said...

Hey Jenny, I think he might be home by labor day weekend and a guest is a good excuse for a weekend of fun. )hint , hint) lol I was tired and dang I have slept all day today.

Anonymous said...

I was borned and raised in Eastern KY in a small town called Phelps. What part of Eastern KY are you from? I have a special question to ask. I am growing cushaw and I live at the beach in NC. Please contact me and I will get the information then.


stella said...

Hi anonymous lol we are in Lee county a little west of where you were raised. Not many people raise cushaws anymore. I have some planted as they seem to do better here than punkins. I use them interchangeabley. My email is posted so feel free to email questions.