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Monday, July 12, 2010

Shelling and canning Pink eye purple hulls

The weather was nice today and not too hot after the rain. Although it is supposed to get hotter as the week wears on. Well it is July. Yesterday evening we picked almost 3 full 5 gallon buckets of pink eye purple hull peas. Jason had one bucket at his house shelling them for me. I had the other 2. I went and got the ones he shelled today and did my 2 buckets. It does take a while to shell them but I don't think it takes as long as it does to string and break green beans. After supper I got back out in the summer kitchen and got all those canned up. They sure looked pretty in the jars. And gosh do they ever smell good. We are gonna have some for supper on Tuesday evening. Am thinking maybe we can just eat out of the garden for a while.

These peas are prolific this year. I have never grown them before and am just fascinated with them. They grow on top of the plant, so no digging under the vines to find the peas. And once you get a method down they are very easy to shell. The pink eye purple hull peas are in the Cow peas family, similar to a black eyed pea. These were recommended by a wonderful southern lady, my friend Deb. Thanks Deb, I am sure we will eat good this winter. So tomorrow its back to the garden rain or shine and see what else is ready. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

Now those look very pretty--and yummy. Send me a box full. ;-) or maybe some seeds?

huh... wonder if I'll have a place for a garden next year.. well I spose Daughter can tend mine here. :)

stella said...

Hey Mary, omg yeas they are tasty. so good wif some cornbread and fried taters, yummy hillbillie food. lol I am hoping to be able to save some seed from these, so yeas em I will be happy to send ya some this fall when they get dried and I get the seed shelled out. no doubt I will post about shelling PEPH peas for seed, jus remind me.