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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Different ways to do things

As I get older I learn that there are more ways to do things than people to do them. And most people choose what ever method their ancestors used or what ever worked for their location. OK I not chasin my tail here. I picked up a magazine that I have had for about 28 years. Yep I kept them because they are "Home Canning" magazine. They have lots of really good canning recipes in them, all be it they are from 1982. I was reading in one of them today about preserving butter without the benefit of refrigeration. And it is really simple to do.
Butter can be preserved by storing it in a container covered in salt water. Make a brine of salt and water strong enough to float a fresh egg in. Make sure the egg is fresh because an old egg will float in plain water. Boil the salt water for about 5 minutes and let it cool. Allow to stand over night then strain being careful not to disturb the sediment in the bottom of the pot. Place the fresh sweet cream butter (sweet butter keeps better than salted) in a crock or like container. Cover with the brine solution. So you have chunks of butter submerged in salt water. Use a weight if necessary to keep the butter under the brine, cover the container tightly and store in a cool place. Stored by this method, butter will stay fresh up to 6 months. Good info to have in the event you lose power for an extended period of time and have a good supply of butter on hand.  Butter can also be clarified and put in canning jars while it is still hot and it will seal. Clarified butter is the best for frying. Not to mention the wonderful flavor it give to the dish. Of course the USDA would frown on this method but this is what folks did long before there was a USDA or refrigeration. Don't know why but I find this kind of knowledge interesting.
Maybe I been out in the heat too long. I finished shelling the PEPH peas this morning and got those canned up. The second batch of Paul's sweet lime pickles are in the pickling solution waiting to be canned tomorrow morning. Then it will be off to the garden to pick more cukes and peas to do later. Saturday will be butchering day. I haven't been off the farm all week and I do need to get out of here and buy some more canning jars before I run out. Am thinking this would be a good time to clone me. I got enough things to keep 5 of me busy for days on end. And if one of me don't clean the house it is gonna get condemned. Not to mention the siding outside that hasn't been washed all year. And the list goes on. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I always wonder about those types of things too. But ya know...they tried to get us to think margarine was good for us. So maybe I shouldn't worry??

Deb said...

If you clone you, can I borrow one of you? I need more more help too and I think another you would work harder than another me!

Mrs. Mike said...

As usual, good stuff. Butchering chickens perhaps? Will you be canning those too or is freezer space made for meat?

Enjoy your day (and I'm wishing a personal assistant for you!)

Johnna Sutton said...

I want to live by you! Your so smart!

stella said...

Hi yall, omg its too hot to even go out side, too hot to breav out there. Went out to check on my fryers and had one that had succumbed to the heat this morning. I hate to see that.
Deb am still thinkin you can make it here for the butchering. lol As for another me workin harder than another you, I doubt that.
Apple pie gal, I have about 4 of those magazines with recipes and good info in them,I love em.
Johnna, I wish ya lived closer too, that way I would have someone nearby that shared a common interest. But smart I aint. lol

Have a good day.