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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The strawberries are mulched

Finally, the strawberries have mulch around them. Before it has always been too wet to get in the patch so it got put off. Then we had priorities, getting the main garden worked out. Then my help abandoned me last evening to help Jason build a pen for his puppies that will be here this weekend. This evening after we ate supper we finally got in there and Rodger tilled and Jason and I spread the straw. The plants are kinda small yet but we did get a good layer of straw around them. They will grow taller because of the straw surrounding them. Maybe this fall when they bloom again we can get a few berries. They do look so much better and well kept.

Ya have to agree it does look better. I love being in fresh plowed ground with bare feet. Nothing in the world like it. I'm sure that wont last long as there is a row of raspberry plants to the right of the strawberries.

 As soon as these things get big enough to drop thorns on the ground there will be no more barefoot stuff in the berry patch. Some of the raspberries do have lil berries on them. So I will at least get to sample them this year and hope to be blessed with lots next years. These are surrounded with rotted straw and compost from the chicken houses. That should make em grow.
The berry patch is about the extent of our accomplishments today. The fellers worked and I had to stay in out of the heat. But I cant complain, at least its not raining everyday.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

My strawberries have a few berries on them, but the raspberries haven't even begun to bloom here yet, and they usually give a late spring crop and a fall crop. We've had too much rain (and for Oregon, that's saying something.) The mulching looks great.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

That should give you nice berries for sure!