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Monday, June 20, 2011

I slept thru the storm

We obviously had a pretty bad storm this morning and be dang I slept right thru it. I finally woke up (ahem) about 10 this morning and glanced at the security monitor and it looked like "stuff" all over the porch and deck. I got up and pulled the curtains back off the patio door and the deck was covered with debris, leaves, twigs and stuff. I kinda scratched my head and wondered just how much I missed. Rodger called from work to see if I was OK after it cleared off. But it was really dark at 10 this morning. We do have some trees and big limbs down on our road but no damage to buildings or anything like that thankfully. Our yard looks like a hurricane went thru with a bag of green tree leaves and just sprinkled em all over the place.

In the second picture to the right is the front door and there were wet green leaves stuck on the wall near the door. Am thinking the wind was doing some sideways stuff. I ask Rodger if we got hail and he said they didn't at his work but I think we did here. I could see some damage to some of the plants in my herb bed. They looked beat. Not to mention most of the leaves on the porch and deck looked shredded. We did go check on the garden and it is just soggy in the field. We have a couple low areas over there that have standing water in them. My sweet corn is leaning a good bit but not totally on the ground so hopefully it will straighten back up some as it dries out. My strawberry plants in the big garden are blooming again and the raspberries had some ripe ones on the plants so we got to taste those. They wont produce much this year but should do well next season.  I pulled a cabbage head to make slaw tomorrow and a broccoli head. The cabbage is nice and sweet because we have not had much really hot weather so far. I will probably make kraut in a couple weeks. This is the first year also that we have not had a problem with worms on the cabbage and broccoli and they have not been sprayed. I must pull the beets next week and get those worked up as they are getting really big. I prefer them golf ball size but most of these will need to be sliced to make pickled beets.
I had to feed the hogs this evening as Jason will be working late. They have finally started eating really good after the shock of moving them wore off. They had been kinda picky and not wanting the pellets and corn as they were used to eating crushed feed but as of now they are eating all we put in there. I did save the outer cabbage leaves for them for tomorrow night. When I start harvesting things from the garden they should be happy with veggie peelings and scraps.
My baby chicks are so fun to watch and goodness they are growing and changing every day. They are so many different colors and breeds its really hard to say who is the cutest. I think I will have to fence off my flower beds and grape vines before long so the lil chicks can go outside during the day. There are enough of them to make a disaster out of the flower beds in one day if they get in there. Luna should enjoy baby sitting the chickens when they are big enough to roam about.
Not much else happening around the homestead this week. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

HA! Glad I wasn't the only one who slept thru it. Everyone keeps asking me if we got struck by lightening again and I was confused at first! I only knew it rained buckets AGAIN, but not all wicked like it was ;o)

Claygirl said...

Glad everything there is ok after the storm and there was no real damage other than maybe having to stand the corn back upright.

I'm sure the plants liked all the rainfall and It'll do em good!

It sure is nice to start getting those first veggies in from the garden, isn't it? I'll bet the piggies think so too!

Blessings to you from Claygirl.