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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its hot again, a few task accomplished

Didn't get much done today, just a few minor task. We got about a bushel of corn shelled for the hogs this morning. That should do them for a couple weeks. They have been eating crushed and mixed feed so they are not sure about the scraps and pellets we are feeding. They will figure it out in a day or so and eat better. In the meantime they do like to root out holes and fill them in again.
I went to help Jason give the puppies a bath today with flea shampoo. They like water but are not the least bit thrilled with taking a bath. But we got em done. Really not much dog under all that fur when ya get em wet.

I guess if you are a puppy and get a bath in the sun you can still shiver. But hopefully this will rid them of the fleas they have picked up somewhere. But giving these puppies a bath has convinced me NOT to try giving Luna a bath.
When I got back to my house I did get some stakes put up and tied up some tomato plants that are here near the house in various beds. The ones I will save seed from. The hard rain last evening pounded some of my lil herbs out of sight. So guess those 2 will just be gone for this year as it is a lil too late to get them going good this year anyway. Herbs need to be started really early in our area so they can be put outside after the last frost and get established before the summer heat gets here. Otherwise they usually wont survive. I guess it would help if I could remember to water them every day.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Deb said...

Thanks for the puppy pictures! Fleas are extra bad here this year.If that shampoo works, let us know what kind it is. I just got my poor stunted herbs planted yesterday.Since the heat is already here and has been for a while, I rekin all I can do is cross my fingers and water.