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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More rain sure makes weeds grow

We have had rain every day for the past week or so. The garden is mud and we did have some low areas of standing water in the sweet corn till today. After supper Rodger got the lil tractor cause its 4 wheel drive an took a plow and cut a trench from the low areas toward the river to help drain the standing water. So maybe my sweet corn wont need to swim now. Not much of it was waterlogged but I just hate to lose any at all once I work that hard to grow it. We had another rain shower this evening after he got done. I got more herbs cut an dried today. Now I have a good bit of oregano and tarragon dried. I cut some parsley also and chopped it an put it in the freezer. Sometimes I like to use fresh parsley in dishes but other times dried works just fine. Sometimes a dish just needs the freshness of raw parsley. Same with the borage. Both herbs just add a fresh flavor to many soups. I still have many more varieties to harvest an dry yet. I have had both dehydrators loaded today. So tomorrow I will do more. I am far behind on cutting the tea herbs this year. Not sure what the heck I been doin but it ain't been cuttin tea herbs.
My lil chickens are doing great. The oldest are barely 3 weeks old an already are looking for places to perch. There is a perch in their brooder house but they are not ready to fly the 18 inches or so it takes to get up on those. So they line up an perch on the board that sits across the doorway to keep bedding from falling out when ya open the door. Lazy lil critters they are. The lil fellows that I hatched in the incubator are growing like weeds. I love summer time and all the babies. I did get a couple pics of Jason's kittens the other night when we went to feed the hogs. They look like a den of lil tiny bears and already are opening their eyes.

Daisy and Delilah are growing and they are such sweet lil girls. Jason is going to work on leash training them soon. They are quite young and want no part of a leash right now, but they will learn. Right now they are only concerned with food and water an playing in the pool when its hot.
In the midst of all the harvesting herbs today I got around to saving a lot of seed from my hollyhocks. Those things were so pretty this year. See I plant stuff an it grows, does well and only then do I do some research on the plants to see the nature of them. I learned that if you plant them right now they will grow and make pretty plants this year and bloom early next summer. I started  mine last year, transplanted them in early summer and got the blooms this year. But the fact that they re-seed themselves is a big plus. But I surely do not want all those seedlings growing in that particular area. I pulled about a half gallon of seed pods off the spent plants today to share with friends who might want them. The hardest thing I find to start and grow is lavender. The germination rate on lavender seed is very low at best. If I am lucky I may end up with 2 or 3 new plants each year. I do love the scent of lavender when its in bloom. If I had a large bed of it I think I would plop a lounge chair right in the middle and just sit there inhaling the sweetness. But thas just me dreaming again.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

We are in the same Rain Twilight Zone. Too much while others cant get any!

Weeds galore also! And I have planted lavendar nearly every year here and it always dies. But I keep trying!

All the critters at least dont seem to mind the rain!

doubletrouble said...

Same here Stella, up in NH!

Almost 4" of rain since Wednesday.

We'd like to see those kitty pics if'n you got 'em handy.

Regards from the North,