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Friday, June 3, 2011

Babies and getting more babies

I got the early morning call today to come pick up my lil babies at the post office. I got up and got some coffee so I could see and walk and then went an picked up the lil chicks. Oh my they are so cute. All colors and some even came with lil feather boots. They are adorable.

It sure don't take long for these lil critters to be running all over the place. I also noticed that some of them had lil side-burns poofed out. Made em look like chipmunks. Anyway only lost 1 in shipment and one was pretty weak from being mashed. I sat with the weak one for about an hour this morning and kept giving him drinks of water with vitamin supplement in it and it finally got enough strength to get around good so I left em be. This evening the lil fellow was doing good considering he was on the verge of death.
Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Rosie and her hubby Sam at a nearby state park to pick up the 2 great Pyrenees puppies that Jason is getting. He will be busy finishing up his puppy pen. I cant wait to see these lil things. I know how sweet Luna is and she is grown, I can imagine lil puppies like her.
Not much happening here on the homestead today other than Rodger getting new tires for his old rototiller. The tires were past worn out. After all they are 28 years old. So he got the new ones put on and plowed out the 2 rows of beans that were too lil to plow last weekend. Then he too the tractor and cultivators out and plowed the other corn field that was planted a lil later. He says it has come up really good.
I hope to get some pics tomorrow of the new puppies and the garden to post.
Till then, blessing from the McGuire homestead.



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Deb said... sweet! I wish I had a place for some more babies!