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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The pigs are finally here

Well actually they are well beyond pigs. Weighing in at 220 and 230 lbs, they are not small. These are some of the nicest looking shoats that I have seen in a good while. They are plenty fat already but we intend to grow them till probably early December before butchering them.

Nice lil pigs eh? We got a ton a rain today as the fellers were bringing the hogs home. So they had to be taken to the barn in the mud. These hogs have lived their life on a concrete floor and don't know how to walk on dirt. These animals came from the private christian school's hog farm where my boys graduated, Oneida Baptist Institute. When Jason was in high school he worked on their summer program one year and his job was on the hog farm. This is where he learned to castrate pigs and do it right. They do raise some nice hogs there. I would so love to have a setup like they have for raising hogs. The hogs they raise are raised for meat and cross bred to achieve a good meat hog. They are a cross between a Landrace, Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire. I have seen the brood sows and I am certain they will hit well over 600 lbs.
While I was at Jason's house I went to see the girls. The lil girls have been playin in the mud.

Can we say "dirty lil girls". I think they have a bath lined up and new collars. They got some fleas on them from being in the grass. Giving those 2 a bath will be an experience.

Rodger got in the garden about 7 this morning and got the hoeing done and then ran the tiller to get rid of the weeds that had started. I went over a lil later and sprayed the taters and maters. The Colorado potato beetles were eatin on both of them. The garden looked so nice. Then this afternoon it came a downpour. So there went my spray medicine I guess. It did stay on for several hours, but not sure if that was long enough to kill the bugs or not. Guess we will see in a few days. The tomatoes do have lil maters setting on, the cabbage is starting to head up, beets are bigger than a large egg which is about the size I like to make pickled beets. This rain should make things grow really well tho.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Please....more puppy pics!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I am saving this little piggy post for future reference. Thanks!

Gosh if those puppies aren't the cutest dang things!!! Even with mud. But mud makes everything cute :)

She Chef said...

fantastic and cute...what more could you ask for

MAFW said...

Nice looking hogs you got there. The beans are just beginning to come up; got a late start up at mom's house. Im gonna keep an eye out for the bugs you mentioned.