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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Its hot and the rain missed us

Our temps have been in the 90's here for several days and the humidity is awful. This afternoon it clouded over an made a lot of noise but no significant rain. It barely dampened the deck. But it did cool off a lil bit. The gardens are growing really good in spite of not having rain. We are hoping to get the garden worked out this weekend and that too will help. It serves 2 purposes, aerates the soil and gets rid of any weeds and grass that have come up since last time. The tobacco worm beans need to be trellised as they have runners on them now. They should be blooming before too long. Its hard to believe we are well into June and the gardens are small yet. We should have had fresh tomatoes and beans by July 4th but I sure don't think that is gonna happen. I know the tomatoes wont be ripe by then. I may have the beets canned by then tho as they are the earliest thing in the garden so far. Oh well, what is to be will be.
I should have a load of wood chips for mulch tomorrow. The contract crew that is cleaning the power company right of way said they would dump as many loads as I want on our property and be happy to do so. They need a place to dump them and I surely can use a bunch of those to mulch ornamental with as well as the herb bed. I know the trees have not been sprayed as all the chips will be off my property. It will just be a matter of getting them hauled to the places I need them. That probably will involve a fork and 4 wheeler with the wagon. Not a job that can be done in the mid-day heat tho.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

Hey, that sounds like a job for that pretty blue tractor! Giddy'up girl!

small farm girl said...

The rain keeps missing us up here too.