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Monday, January 2, 2012

Our first snow of the winter

Our weather took a turn for the colder yesterday evening and over night. The high today was less than 30 degrees with snow flurries early. It has snow showered off and on most of the day. We had enough wind yesterday evening to dry the ground a good deal so Rodger got the bright idea he would disc the sod ground where we are gonna plant corn this spring. It is just a 5 acre plot but it does take a while to disc. He stayed out in the cold on the tractor and got about half of it disc up. Thas a good start. But now we probably have about a half inch of snow on the ground here and its still snowing a lil bit. It supposed to clear off later in the week and if it does Rodger is gonna take a couple days off work to do some plowing. We really like to have our ground prepped in late fall but we had such a wet fall that didn't work out for us. So here we are in what seems to be winter season plowing. Oh well!
I don't do well when it gets really cold. My bones and joints hurt too much to stay our long. As matter of fact with the cold and wind today Rodger did some outside chores for me, Feeding the hens, gathering eggs and toting some stuff from the house to the summer kitchen and finally got the chicken stock I had canned last weekend in the cellar for storage. Seems so petty to leave all the toting chores for him to do but he fusses if I start carrying things and making my arms hurt more. So I guess my job for now is to stay inside and do what needs doing in here. So I am in the house doin lots of thinking.. I am debating starting an Etsy shop to market crafts, decorative items and antique or vintage items. I really want to make some things such as sachets with vintage fabric and homemade potpourri. Would also like to tinker with making scented candles and wax fragrance tarts for sale. I will be researching that a lil bit for a while to see what kinda plan I can come up with.
I have been looking at some other blogs and decor sites online for a few days and getting some ideas. In winter is the only time of year my creative mind works well enough to craft and decorate. A good place to start my decorating would probably be in my own living room right here. We shall see and I promise I will post pics when I get things in order.
I was reading some local news online a bit ago and in a neighboring county about 25 mile from here there has been a natural gas line explosion and officials are evacuating people within at least a 5 mile radius. I have to wonder if those folks were prepared to bug out on a moments notice. Do they have a bag packed with emergency clothes, meds, things that are essential to each persons well being? The weather being bad does not help those folks either. I think prayers are in order for those displaced and safety of the rescue workers out there.
Not much else happening here on a cold winter night. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Jane said...

Well I hope your shop does good,if you decide for sure to do one. We had snow here a couple of weeks ago,but didn't last long. Hope you get to feeling better. Blessings Jane