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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I got babies, I got babies

Well not everyone gets so excited about having new lil baby chicks. Especially in January with these cold temps outside. I have 3 of my young pullets that have went to nesting. At supper tonight I was asking Rodger what day it was and said to him, "I have one lil hen that should hatch any day now and I just don't want it to sneak up on me and the big chickens hurt the babies" After supper I went out to check on the chickens and let them out for a bit. And this is what I saw.........

Not sure how many lil babies this momma has but I counted 4 for sure. She is a very sweet momma so far.The white lady sitting next door should hatch in another few days. Then on down the hall is yet another lady that should hatch after that. Little baby chicks are so sweet and cuddly. Now if I can figure out how to house these lil families without too many scuffles taking place.

This little fellow was the only black one that I found under this momma. I am guessing these fellows hatched out sometime today. There is always food and water inside the building for the birds so I was in no hurry to check on them today. Didn't want to let them out with the weather being so dang cold and damp. Tomorrow I must fix a permanent place to the moms and babies so the lil ones will be safe from the other hens. I am sure they are gonna be a headache for me for a couple weeks. But they are so fun to watch.

I am still pondering the possibility of opening an online shop to sell vintage goodies. I have been looking around online at other shops and decorating websites and I think I can provide some really nice things for folks who can love and appreciate old things and enjoy them in their own home. I guess in a way those vintage things are just normal for me. As I look at those websites and look at my own house I see so many things that other folks use for decorative items are things I still use. So I think if I take on this project I will do my best to make sure things that I sell can still be used for their original intended purpose as well as ornate. So thas kinda where my mind has been for the past several days. I think I was born about 100 years too late.
Not much been happening here on the homestead with our crappy weather. I think all I do is cook and eat. You can bet that will be the downfall of me come spring. Although we did get out all our garden seeds over the weekend and went thru them to see if we needed to order anything and ya know for once I think I am good to go. Unless I come across some interesting new edible to try in the garden. I am so ready for spring.

So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Cat said...

Love the cute chicks! Someday I hope to get chickens, fresh eggs are so much better than store bought. Like the fresh paint and wallpaper in here, too!

Make sure you share some more of those recipes you're cooking up. :)

Deb said...

Maybe you should put a calendar in the hen house so they will know it's still JANUARY!

Claygirl said...

Cute little baby chicks there! You sound excited! I hope you get the mom's and them a safe & warm place all fixed up. I agree with Deb on the calendar comment! Ha!

offgridbob said...

Stella, congrats on the little peepers.
On the on line store, I would start small ( info you probably already know) Just offer a few pieces at a time and make them affordable. I was thinking something along those lines myself but more from a store front instead of the internet. I like doing business face to face.