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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm back in business

Well computer wise that it. I got my old Toshiba back from Jason and he put windows back on it and now I am good to go for now. I like this lil puter. It serves my needs just fine. If I can ever get my programs all installed and working again.
We had company all weekend. Josh came down and spent the weekend with us. He does that on occasion to get a break and just relax a bit from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We were glad to see have him here. He also came to get some of his pork to take home. I think he was taking his bacon home to smoke and get frozen. Probably next weekend I will get ours trimmed and sliced up and put in the freezer as well.
I was outside plundering in the yard looking at some of my ornamental plants. Some of my bushes have lil soft buds on them and its far too early for that. If we get some really cold winter like weather it may freeze them out. My strawberry plants are still green as can be. I don't even have mulch on them yet cause they never got killed back in the fall. We really have not had any really winter like weather here in east Kentucky. Still have some herbs that are green as well. Got 3 hens setting now. For goodness sake, they should know they don't need babies this time of year. When its nice outside I wanna go play in the dirt but I know its far too early. We had a wet fall and had a time getting it dry enough to pick corn. Then it was wet till now. Rodger never got the corn stalks bush hogged down or the big corn field turned under. We plan to plant corn this year in a field that is sod. So it really should have been plowed last fall. But not to worry, Rodger got it turned this weekend and here it is early January. If the weather stays dry this week I think he is taking some time off work to get the other ground turned as well. The place where we had corn this year will be planted in pink eye purple hull peas, sunflowers and sorghum. All of these will help rebuild the ground. We planted wheat on the garden plot we used last year. In spring half the wheat will get plowed under for a garden and the rest left to mature about July or so and harvested for grain and flour. I have went thru the seed catalogs and really don't need to order many seeds this year. I just need to find some odd food stuff to raise for fun. I try to grow at least one oddity every year but always try to have something we WILL use. Last year was the lil Mexican sour gherkin cukes and they made fun dill pickles. This year I am kinda leaning toward trying amaranth for greens and the seeds for flour.
Not much else happening on the farm, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Claygirl said...

Glad to see you got your puter back up and running for you. It's hard when you have to change things that are working fine for you.

I also add new seeds each year to try. I have several new things this year and am very excited about them.

Take care! Sheri (Claygirl)