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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am stuck in a rut!

I am so stuck in a rut this winter. Gosh I usually use my down time to get things done inside the house as I sure don't spend much time inside in summer. In my mind I had big plans for some sewing projects and redecorating projects this year. And here it is late January and I have done very little. As most of ya know, I don't do "spring cleaning" like normal people do, I do all the major cleaning in winter time when I have more time. I have done some decluttering and cleaning this year but not enough to suit me. I did manage to clean out the closet in the guest bedroom so when we have overnight guest they can at least hang up their duds if they wish. I did get my own closet organized a lil better. Oh, I gotta tell ya, I love goodwill stores. OK laugh it up, yeah I shop at good will. That is the only place I have bought jeans in many years. How many time can ya go shopping and get 4 pairs of jeans for $12? Perfectly good jeans, no stains or tears, and they fit me. I was a happy camper. I got those early this week when we had to go to the big city for a dentist appointment. The appointment went well. I still got all my original equipment. Anywho, I really wanted to find a few flannel shirts to wear this spring when the weather is still chilly but no luck there. I think when folks have flannel shirts they wear em out. Thas what Rodger does with his. By time he is done with em, they don't even make good cleaning rags. Oh and we made our quarterly trip to Sam's club too so we could restock up on necessities. I got everything on my list and then some and still came in under budget. It was a good day.  The price on some things went up and some things actually came down in price. Butter was one thing that had come down a bit. I usually get 12 or 16 lb of butter when we go to Sam's just because I refuse to pay $4 a lb here in our town when I can get it for less than $2 there. Don't mind supporting small businesses but dang I cant feed their habits at the expense of our dinner table. Oh well that was the extent of my exciting week.

My new chicks are doing good. They just had too many mommies. I had 3 lil hens taking care of 7 babies in a small section of the building. Two of the lil hens were a lil nervous in nature and kept stepping on the lil ones so I took them out and left one hen to raise the chicks. I think this will work better for the chicks. I have no problem butchering chickens, but I just cant stand the thoughts of lil ones getting injured or killed when they are lil and mostly defenseless. It just bothers me badly to think of them suffering. But that is just my nature I guess.

Our trip to the dentist took its tole on my body as it usually does this week. Every time we go out of town the ride makes me hurt really bad for several days. And on top of all that I think I have a lingering sinus infection. The meds I take for the arthritis suppresses my immune system some and if I get an infection of any sort by body don't know and it never gets full blown and shows many symptoms. But I know when things are not right. And my sinuses are not right. Any way I have to go see my family doc on Monday so I will tell him and see if I need to take antibiotics. I think I should but who the hell knows how doctors think these days.

Some of you may remember my post a bit ago when I mentioned starting a lil online shop of some sort. Just to update on that, I am a still a ponderin on it. Am still thinkin on start up funds and such. So maybe soon I can come up with something. I know I need to find something to "do" to keep my mind occupied. I know as I get older I will lose brain cells if I don't use em, and goodness knows I have none to spare. I just need to get out of this rut and do some thing constructive.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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