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Friday, January 20, 2012

I always make trouble for me

I have this really bad habit of making more trouble and work for myself. And seems the older I get the more I tend to do that. I know, for a fact it is never a good idea to let hens set in winter. I have known this all my life. What the hell was I thinking to let not one hen but 3, count em, 3 hens set. Well in my last post I was so happy that I had one lil hen hatching and the lil babies are so cute. Then I had the next hen in line had 1 lil baby under her. So I thought she was hatching too. Nope she not hatching. The lil chicks are just visiting their mom's friends next door. If they get cold they just duck under the nearest warm spot no matter which hen it is. Now the second hen in line thinks she has kids and keeps getting off her eggs. Oh my!! At this point the lil chicks need to eat so their momma gets up to teach them to eat and all the neighbors come over and kid nap the kids. Next challenge was finding chick starter locally. I lucked out and the lady we had been getting our other feeds from had just one bag of starter left from fall and I took that for now. So the babies have feed and plenty of mommas to look after them. I really don't have a good spot to keep the hens and lil chicks so I had to take a piece of deer netting and kinda fence off a section of the brooder house where the laying hens are so the moms have so peace with the kids.

Well the rain moved back in late this evening again. It has been cold and just not good weather for us goobers that like to get outside. Now more rain. Needless to say I am ready for spring. On second thought, maybe I just need to relax and enjoy the down time. Cause when spring does get here there is not much down time to be had when the gardening starts. And that all starts in March with the green house.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Oh good, someone else like me. I had the idea that if I was gonna raise a couple bottle calves, 5 was not that big of a deal compared to 2... wrong! Glad you found chick starter.