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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another day in the life......

It has been winter outside for too many days now. I am certainly ready for some warmer temps. Not to mention the storms we had late last week gave us plenty of water puddles around. Plus the river is backed up into the county road here for the umpteenth time. It came up really quick with all the heavy rainfall. We don't have flooding here that causes any problems just the annoyance of having to take the long way out if we had to go out.
It was a lil tiny bit warmer today than it has been so we got our bread corn out on the porch and winnowed it to remove some of the husk and dust. We just used a small portable fan outside on the porch and set it on a lil table to direct air flow over the top of a 5 gallon bucket. Then we slowly poured the corn into the bucket slowly in front of the fan and the husk just blew away like dust in the wind. Now we can take it to the fellow who has a grist mill in our town and have it ground.
I went out to check on the lil hens and babies to find 2 of the hens in one nest box baby sitting 8 lil chicks. So far the hens are being nice lil mommas so as long as they behave they can keep the babies. On suggestion of some friends of mine I think it appropriate to hang a calendar in the chicken house so the hens know its still winter and not be setting at this point. I will let ya know how that works out for me too. Not much else happening here on the farm this weekend. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Claygirl said...

Nice breeze for your corn was nice, I'll bet. Sounds pretty neat to have your own cornmeal!