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Thursday, January 13, 2011

There is still a world out there

I got the chance today to find out for sure if there is still and world outside the boundaries of my farm. Well there is. OK laugh if ya want, I am a home body. Haven't been off the place since Christmas eve. I had a doctors appointment today so I had to get out. Hubby drove me to doc appointment cause I have all but quit driving on slick roads. And ours is still treacherous. But no wonder, it has snowed since December 1. I am really getting to the point that I hate to go out anymore. No specific reason, just nothing out there to lure me. First off, I am not your typical female shopper. If I have to go out shopping for something, I know where I need to go to get it and thas what I do. I don't go out for entertainment cause I just don't feel the need to be entertained.  I guess I am content in my little world to be left alone. Or maybe I'm just getting old. I bet thas what my boys would say. Really though I did make a couple stops for a few things on the way home. Of course the drugstore, then the local dollar store to get a bottle of Windex, yeah 1 bottle will last me a year. Ya should have guessed that, you know already I don't do windows. The dollar store also had coffee and we are out I think, didn't look real good in the cellar, but dang it the price has went up. $8.75 for the size can I had been getting for $5. What the heck, is somebody trying to start a war here? Don't mess with my coffee unless ya want trouble. Then a quick stop to the grocery store. When the hell did instant pistachio pudding stop being 25 cents a box? It was on "sale" 3 small boxes for $2. But I really don't need pistachio pudding, I need a diet. But I got some, I have my weaknesses to and thas one of em. So I got traumatized once again with sticker shock and we came on home. Just glancing around at some of the items that were on the end caps at the store on "sale" made me feel really bad for folks who shop for all their food needs. It was an eye opener that made me much more thankful for being able to raise my own. AND for being able to stay at home all the time.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



doubletrouble said...

I might not leave the homestead for a week at at time- I get a lotta funny comments from friends, but why go somewhere when you don't need to?
My work is here, & the Mrs. gets what we need on the way back from her work.
Blessings back at'cha from NH...

Deb said...

I've been tryin to tell ya!

Jane said...

We went to the store today,the prices are scary! not kidding,I worry about whats going on ,but what can you do,Blessings,Jane