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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just wondering

I have been wondering today about our immediate weather and how it will effect our weather for the summer growing season. In years past when we have had a bad snowy winter we usually have a hot dry summer. If this holds true it might make for some slim gardens this year. We have our garden spot in the river bottom, out of flood danger, and that does seem to help with gardening in dry seasons. We get the early morning fog that does bring in a lit moisture to the ground and with it being on the river there is moisture deep down in the soil. This winter we have had some cold temps but they have been following the snow cover. So with this pattern the ground has not been frozen. This I think does help the ground to absorb the water from the melting snow. But we just keep right on planting and growing every year and take the failures with the successes. So far we have not gone hungry. And with all this snow and cold, and me staying in this winter, I am so looking forward to spring and getting started planting things. I have thought it would be nice to have a permanent greenhouse to try and grow a few things all winter here. That is something I may have to work on this spring. I think it would be nice to pick a fresh tomato in January. One thing for sure ya can not buy good ones from the store and if ya buy one at all be prepared to pay with your first born. But then I think, when I was growing up we at what we had canned in winter and just enjoyed the fresh ones in summer at their peak. Hmmmm, maybe thas what we should do know. The trend seems to be telling us "eat local and eat in season". Hell thas nothing new, I grew up that way. We are not big salad people in our house now and we didn't eat salad when I was growing up but we did and still do have green things in our diet. We have peas, green beans, broccoli and those kinda nutrient packed veggies as opposed to salad with lettuce that has very little in the way of nutrition. Also I don't remember much citrus growing up either but we had sauerkraut which is packed with vitamin C. So all and all I think we ate and still eat pretty healthy as compared to most. We just get our vitamins from a better homegrown source. And I like that way of living. Back to the basics, the simple life.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I was wondering about the dry summer too. I don't have a Farmer's Almanac or I'd look it up for you. Truth be told, not even certain those things are right any way. (?)

Greenhouse is on my list of things to get someday also. Go for it!

stella said...

I would so love to have a greenhouse built with those clear greenhouse panels so I could keep it going with very little heat all winter. Maybe if we win the lottery. Oh wait ya gotta buy a ticket first. lol
I am ready to play in dirt, am gittin pretty tired a this snow. Seems like someone flipped the world over and left KY at norf pole lol