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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring fever has hit

I do reckon I have been bit by the spring fever bug here in the middle of winter. I have had nothing better to do than sit around plottin an plannin the garden for this coming summer. And today sitting is about all I can do. Don't know how or why my back picked this day to go out. But when I rolled out of bed this morning I could hardly walk. Kinda like a knife sticking between the vertebra in my lower back.  Have had issues with my legs all day, not walking really well at all. Dang I'm too young for this crap.Have done all kinds of things to make it feel better to no avail. Pain will make your body so tired and after supper I tried to stretch out an take a nap. The nap was a success but with no relief in the pain. Anyway finally had to get a shower because I was expecting to have to go to the hospital tonight. The nursing home had called to say mom was sick and they did some test and most likely she has gall stones. She did go to the emergency room and returned to the nursing home tonight and I didn't need to go out. So hopefully the meds will make her feel better till she can see the surgeon next week. We shall see.
But I have been reading up on seed saving for some garden plants that I don't have any experience in saving and have actually learned a lot. Found a blog that contained several links that I think you all might get some benefit from as well. So I will share those with ya.  The first link will give ya an idea about how long you can store different seeds and them still be viable. The second one gives ya some ideas on best methods to store all seeds. I like these 2 pieces of info cause ya don't have to read a book in search of the simple facts on how-to. The blog that I was reading has tons of cool links on different things as well. Just some really good info and I know lots of people area seeking out information like this while we are all in the house with cabin fever. So this is kinda what my day has consisted of. I did get to chat on the phone with an online acquaintance today for a bit, well prolly 3 hours, and I so enjoyed talking to Sheri. A bunch of us from a forum that we all frequent are trying to plan a get together this fall after the gardens are kinda done. I am so looking forward to this. Then got to catch up with my friend Deb in Mississippi on the phone as well. Another great lady I met online and finally got to meet in person all to find we have oodles of things in common. So it has been a good day even with my back trying to make me miserable.
Tomorrow will be a whole nuther day and I have several thing I must get done. Got to get salt cure mixed for Rodger to take on his hunting trip so when he gets a wild hog it meat can be set to cure while it is still fresh. Then he will just bring the trimmings home to be made into sausage. I still have the remainder of my cornmeal to get bagged up and stored as well. I sure couldn't carry it back to the summer kitchen to do that today. Lucky to get my legs to carry just me to necessary places like the dinner table or bathroom. Yep some of my friends will agree, I am a mess.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

I hope your back will calm down soon. I'm getting sring fever too! Early, I know.. but it just comes.
I'm at the house this weekend, and you just reminded me to grab my seeds when I go. Thanks!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Hope your back and your Mom are better very soon!

Thanks for the links too!