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Monday, January 17, 2011

A long day in traffic

Dang don't ya just love city traffic? I had a doc appointment out of town today and we headed out to that about an hour away. I think every jerk an their brother was out today. Well probably because the weather has been bad and everyone is trying to catch up on appointments and all. Not to mention the big grocery stores. But the docs visit went OK, I have to have some labs drawn AFTER I figure out if my insurance will pay for them as they will cost close to $1000 if not. The doc wants to be for certain what type of arthritis I have. I did learn that there are about 100 different kinds of arthritis too. And the an x-ray of the hands an wrist can tell the doc a lot as well. So yep gotta have some x-rays done too. After that we headed off to Sam's club to pick up a few things for us an a lot of things for the company. I noticed that 25# of sugar has gone up by $4 since I bought some in November. Coffee is still the same price as it was in August when we were at Sam's. So I guess some good, some bad. I did stock up on flour, coffee, another bag of sugar, and a few other basics that elude me right now. At least in our travels the weather was decent, although it did rain a lil on us most of the day. I think it is supposed to do that for several days this week. We do still have some icy spots on our road, nothing major tho. So hopefully we will have a few snow free days. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Labs, xrays, doc visits..they are ALL ridiculously high. $1000 is just crazy fer some blood work. But I know i know is gotta git done. Least you got that outta the way. Glad you did a lil stocking up but I know ya glad to be done wif it. ~'Jenny'

Pokeberry Mary said...

Oh gosh Stella.. went through all that xrays and lab stuff myself the past couple years. never did find out what type of arthritis I have exactly. Something 'systemic' is all they could agree on.
But yes--it cost a fortune! When they x-rayed hands and knees it was like $800! can you believe that?
MRI on neck even more. ugh... Well best luck to you, I know you like to be very active. Hope they figure out for ya!