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Friday, September 25, 2009

Well its raining again

We are getting more rain this evening like we have every evening this past week. But there are still chores to do and get ready to settle in for fall and winter. I have a rental house here on the farm that the tenants have moved out of. And as most people who have owned rental knows they usually leave a mess. Not to mention the past unpaid rent. So today I got started picking up trash in the house and bagging up clothes and such that was left behind. That all goes in storage for a while. The son used the pressure washer on the siding and porch and it looked really nice. Maybe by the weekend we can get finished with all the cleanup and be ready to rent the house again. This house is the one here on the farm that I was raised in so it does hold a lot of memories for me. Although my dad had it remodeled while he was still living, and it went through a fire and was remodeled again. Its still your typical old farm house, the one my grandfather built. During the last remodeling process I got to see what the walls were made of and was pleasantly surprised. The walls are rough sawed 2 by 4's and most of them are oak. The walls have 1 inch boards on the inside and out side the wall studs. Now on the outside is also a layer of insulation and vinyl siding, so its pretty well insulated. We put drywall on the inside to finish it out. It now has propane heat, but when I was growing up we had a fireplace in the living room, a huge wood heating stove in the hall way and a wood cook stove in the kitchen. Wouldn't it be so nice to have those back. But for now they are just memories. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Gregabob said...

Sounds like the rental house is quite sturdily built! Too bad the renters left a mess. I'm sure you'll have it cleaned up and ready soon. Sure would be nice to have some rain out here--still dry as a bone.

Jen said...

What sweet memories Stella. Thank you for sharing. ~jen

MA Fat Woman said...

I'm hoping the rental is not one of the first two photos shown...might be hard to get someone to live there. LOL

stella said...

HI yall, dang I have worked muh tail off tryin to get this house in shapeIt is a nice old farm house. And very solid built too.
But MA they are all dry inside so they could make a shelter if things were really bad. lol