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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seasonal work

The weather here today was great for working outdoors. Temps in the upper 70's with low humidity felt great. So I did manage to get a few things done that I had been putting off because it was so hot. The chicken house got cleaned out, the manure spread on the garden where it had already been mowed and waiting to be turned under. The chickens were happy with the new fresh straw. While we were in the garden spreading the manure we picked some of the open pollinated corn that we raise for cornmeal so we could feed the chickens that we intend to butcher. And it sure looks like we will have plenty for cornmeal this year and it is good size too. We have both Turners gold and Boone county white that will be ground. Of course some of it will be made into hominy too. It is hard enough to shell off for the birds but not dry enough to harvest yet. That will probably happen in late October before the fall rains that we are well known for set in.
I had to make a run into town today for a few things. On our road out 3 huge bucks crossed the road in front of me and they were very near my property. And just beyond those I spotted a young coyote on the road side. I was gone about 45 minutes and when I got back to my driveway the coyote was in the front yard. He made a hasty retreat into the weeds across the road. That made me a little nervous about letting my chickens out of the building. Needless to say I have been on the alert for the coyote all day. Haven't seen him as of yet but you can hear them howling at night very near our house. For them to be out in the open in the daylight I am thinking there must be a shortage of small game for them to hunt right now. But chickens will be hazardous to his well being.
My son ran the weed eater around all the outbuilding on the rental property today also. I don't like using spray chemicals on the place but it can get to be more than we can keep up with at times. So I did spray around the outbuildings and some areas that we cant get to with the bush hog and mower to kill the weeds and grass back before the fall forest fire season comes around. It has been a long busy day. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



gregabob said...

That's some mighty fine looking corn!

stella said...

Thanks Greg, this is the corn we will be using for cornmeal and for making hominy. And will likely share some with a few good friends. It is open pollinated and I think that is why it has done best in the really wet summer we had.