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Sunday, June 21, 2009

They dont make em like my daddy anymore

( November16, 1913 - April 16, 2004)
Today is Fathers Day. I did go visit my dad today for a while. But not in the sense most people visit with their dad on Fathers day. I sat by his head stone for a while with only my own thoughts and wonderful memories of dad. Reflecting on how much he taught me about life and the person I am today is a direct reflection of that. He was a hard working honest farmer all his life here on the family farm. Always a man of his word, an honorable man with integrity and a willingness to help his fellow man. He believed in treating others as you wished to be treated. He was a kind and generous person. He believed that God was in control of all things. He believed that if you wanted something you had to work for it, nothing in life was free. Living through the Great Depression here on the farm, dad had a lot of experience in living the simple life and how to be frugal. I listened to the stories of his life and today I am not afraid of facing tomorrow because he taught me how live and thrive. And he left me the family farm to sustain me and the generation that follows along with the knowledge he gleaned from life. So Happy Fathers day dad and to all the honorable dads out there. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



foo said...

Your father will always be happy with god as he is a truly hardworking man and a good father.I think he will feel proud of you.

Deb in Mississippi said...

So sorry bout your Dad, Stella. I can tell just by lookin he would be a feller I would have loved to have known.

stella said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes my dad was a wonderful man. A joy to all who knew him.
Have a great day!