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Thursday, June 18, 2009

More storms

The heat and humidity at 10 am was like August weather here in Kentucky. I did manage to get in the garden and get the mustard and turnip greens cut to can. Got them all washed in about 4 changes of water and ready to wilt down and pack in jars. Then got busy steaming the greens to wilt them and is starts getting dark outside. We had some heavy wind and rain from the storm that moved through. Just as that was finished the power went off. So I have 2 large bowls of wilted greens to can in the morning. The power finally came back on but was a little late to be starting the canner. So guess that is a project for tomorrow morning. So till next time blessings from the McGuire homestead.


MA Fat Woman said...

It's been hot here in Georgia too. I wish I was near you I wouldn't mind doing some canning.

Jen said...

I was thinkin' those nice greens would go good wif bleu cheese. *duckin... ~jen

Deb in Mississippi (the other redneck) said...

Stella, Thank goodness those greens wern't in the canner when the power went off! It's sooo hot here I wouldn't have to wilt um. I'm excited about your blog, can't wait to read all the posts.