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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The good and the bad

Just had to go check the garden this evening to see how my war on the potato bugs was progressing. It seems that I have made some real progress on them this time. There were a scarce few on the plants. Dug a mess of new potatoes and in spite of the bugs they have done well to this point. Also cut some more broccoli, and got 3 ripe tomatoes. So this is whats for supper tomorrow night. Checked and pulled one beet and with the size I will be pulling them and making beet pickles next week for sure. Took a good look at the sweet corn and am so disappointed in it. It is no more than 3 feet tall and is tasseling. Which means, no corn. Think I will give it one more try and plow it under and re-plant the whole patch. I guess I missed the obvious with all the rain. Too many rainy cloudy days and no sunshine to help the plants make their own food and grow. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


Chloe said...

Nice looking veggies!! We are fighting the heat and drought here in Texas so it is refreshing to see such good looking vegetables. Wish my potatoes looked that nice..

stella said...

Thanks for visiting and wishing you more pleasant weather. We have had an abundance of rainfall and that has slowed things down here. Makes for the lack of sunshine that makes things grow. I too was surprised the potatoes have done this well with all the bug damage.
Have a great day!