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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden fence

The electric fence around the garden was finished today. The solar powered fence box is in place and just waiting for some unsuspecting rabbit or deer to have dinner on me.
The plowing in the garden is done for the season for the most part with exception of the new corn that was planted just last week. Looks nice without all the weeds that had started to grow between the rows. Tomorrow I will get the shredded paper mulch put under the tomatoes to keep them off the ground and keep down weeds. We shred all junk mail, paper and light weight card board that comes into the house for use as a weed barrier and mulch under garden plants. It will decompose nicely and add to the garden next year when it gets turned under.
It has been really hot here today so now we are looking for a cool place to relax a bit. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb in Mississippi said...

Stella, How do you keep that shredded paper from blowin away? I'd like to try that!

stella said...

Hi Deb, thanks for visiting. I will mainly just use it under the tomatoes. The paper will need to be watered down and I dont stake or cage the tomatoes so they are kinda on the ground and this will then hold it in place. Or I have seen some folks put a light layer of straw on top. Hard to cage 300+ maters. lol

Jen said...

Hi Stella, I was just curious as to how much fencing it took for the garden? Your garden looks great! ~jen

stella said...

Hi Jen, thanks for visiting. We put up 3 strands of electric and the garden is about 150ft by 150 ft. We had 2 partial rolls of wire and just went till the job was done. By measurements should have been about 1800 ft of wire plus what it takes to secure in the insulators on the fence post.