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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Beginning of this adventure

Welcome to my blog. For the next bit I will be sharing photos of dfferent areas of the farm.My goal here is to try to blog about life here on our little farm and hopefully leave the reader with information they can use in some way to make their life better. This is the place I have called home most of my life with exception of about 4 years when I first got married we lived in another area of the county. The McGuire homestead has been in my family for 4 generations, with my 2 sons being 5th generation here. I have always enjoyed the farm life and all the challenges that it holds. We have 100 acres here that could easily support an average family. Although we dont have it up to par yet. We do raise a big garden every year and can, freeze and dry most of our food. We have laying hens and hatch some of our own chicks. Also raise meat birds for the freezer. Also suppliment our meat by hunting and fishing. In the near future we will be raising our own hogs for meat and possibly some cattle.
So enjoy your visit and again welcome!


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