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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Geez its been a while

I didn't realize how fast time had passed till I looked at the date on my last post. It has been over 2 weeks since I posted anything on my blog. No I didn't really fall off planet earth, I did have surgery on February 23rd as planned. The only thing I didn't plan on was having pain like this for this long. Dang it has been a booger. I still am taking lots of pain meds and using Lidoderm patches too to keep the elbow numb so it don't hurt so much. But I went back to the doc on the following Wednesday to get my stitches taken out, all 4 of em. The rest are the ones that dissolve and he also used glue to seal the incision on my elbow. It has healed well. And he told me I had a good tear in the rotator cuff and lots of bursitis so he repaired the tear and cleaned up the bursitis. The elbow he said would hurt for a while because he had to do some digging around to get under the tendon that had a big ole tear in it. Now how that happened I don't know unless I just over used it to compensate for lack of use when the right arm was injured a few years ago. But I think I am fixed now, just have to get all healed up and then the pain will subside. Hopefully!!
Any way we had planned on me being our of commission for a few weeks and of all things Rodger decided that would be the time he was off work to baby sit me and be inside anyway so he decides to take our big garden tub out of the master bathroom and build a closet in that area. He just put the final trim up and did the minor finish work today and it does look great. I love it. Now if I can talk him into doing the other bathroom and maybe putting the laminate floors in the kitchen I would fer sure be a happy camper.

I think the project turned out really nice. In the near future we plan to put the same kind of floor in the kitchen and get rid of the vinyl flooring that is in there now.  I didn't have any part of this project because every time I ask Rodger if there was any thing I needed to do he would say, "yeah go in there and hold the couch down". I really didn't have much problem with that as the pain meds kinda made me want to sleep a lot.
Just last week we had really bad storms here in Kentucky. Nothing at our place but some rain tho. A couple days before the tornado outbreak in our state we got some hail early in the day. Just pea size and no damage from that. And for that I feel blessed. Some nearby counties were nearly wiped out. Those folks still need lots of prayers as they try to bury their loved ones and rebuild. Most of the towns that were hard hit by tornadoes were places I have worked in when I worked in EMS and was doing my paramedic ride time for class.
Do you have your gardens started yet? I don't but Rodger did. He got our peas, onions, carrots an lettuce planted right after I had surgery and he wouldn't even let me go to the garden with him. I did as he instructed an held the couch down and took one of many naps.
I think this is the extent of things that have been happening around here. At least that I can remember. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Glad you're sorta up and around! And the bathroom looks great. I want to see it in person though.

Pokeberry Mary said...

So glad you are unharmed by the storms! Also that the surgery is behind and you're healing well.

I'm planning to plant only some herbs this year,and of course Jeff's jolokias.. and maybe a tomato or two.. or just a few peppers.. ummm.. some flowers..
nothing much. ;)

maybe a baby tree or 3... some palmetto for our house in SC.. OK-- just some herbs. ;)