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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I got the blah's

This winter has been kinda funky to say the least and I have the blahs. Not motivated enough to do much. Too early to start plants here, too wet to plow so here I am. All I do is putter in the house and care for the chickens and Luna and her cats. Gosh yesterday I thought I had lost my Luna. A cousin of mine stopped by to see me and was driving up the driveway. Luna hates strange vehicles pulling in the drive so she was biting at the tires and barking. Somehow she got under the front wheel of the jeep and my cousin ran over her muzzle. Scared the pee out of both of us as she ran off yelping. I called her back to me and she ran up and put her head between my knees as if to say "help me mom". I checked her jaw and head just sure something had to be broke but thankfully she was OK, just scuffed up a lil on her nose. She is a lil sore but otherwise fine. I have been feeding her soft bones that I had froze when I made chicken stock in the fall. I will keep that up for a week or so till she can chew better and is not sore. Sure hate to see my baby and body guard hurt. I was on the front porch when all this happened and she is very protective and probably the reason she was so aggressive with the vehicle.

I went to my ortho doc today and will be going in tomorrow for surgery on my left shoulder and elbow. I am sure it will be a long day. I have to take prophylactic antibiotics due to a suppressed immune system from my arthritis meds. After tomorrow I will be a one arm bandit for a couple weeks till I am able to move the arm. Not looking forward to the pain from surgery but in the long run the pain will be much diminished. But I will only have one hand and may not post for a couple weeks but will do my best to post something soon the let my lovely readers know I am alive.

Needless to say we did not get our peas planted on Valentines day as we usually try to do, just too wet to fix the ground. But soon I am sure that will get done. Not my me of course but Rodger and Jason will get that chore. Rodger is in the process of remodeling the master bathroom. We took out the huge garden tub in there and are gonna build another walk in closet. We need more storage more than we need that big tub. I bet it hasn't had water in it other than to clean and dust in 10 times since we have lived in this house. We were trying to think of a use for the tub and I hit on the idea of a gold fish pond in the herb bed. So we will dig a hole and bury the tub, add a pump to aerate the water and fill'er up. I have alas wanted a water feature in the yard somewhere so I think this is a good chance to have one. That project will get done after mid march after we get the plastic on the green house and get it going and seeds started. Not sure how much of that I will actually do. Most likely I will just supervise that event.
Not much else happening here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

WooHoo! Luna's gonna love having a swimming pool! Good luck with the surgery. We will all be praying for you ( and Rodger :) )

Cat said...

Praying for you Stelly dear, that your surgery is quick and uneventful and your healing rapid and complete. God watch over you my friend!

Pokeberry Mary said...

Hiya Stella.. sorry to hear you need surgery already.. my goodness your arthritis moved fast. Mine is not RA thankfully. I'm doing Ok, wondering how you are, hoping none of those storms bothered your farm. prayers to you!