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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two steps forward, three back

Don't ya just hate those days when ya seem to go forward and find out ya just are not getting anywhere? Well today has been one of those. I had put off picking the blackberries out the back drive because it was so unbearably hot. I finally mustered up the nerve to get out there this evening and don't ya know, the power company contractors have been cleaning right of way and destroyed the nice patch of berries. Really made me mad. So now maybe tomorrow evening I can go back to the big river bottom and see if there are more ripe down there. On the up side I do still have a good bit canned from last year and plenty of jam and jelly. I just wanted these for juice this year. Rumor has it the juice is very healthy for ya, but what the hell do I know.
So after supper Rodger and I went off to the garden to check on the cukes and zucchini and picked those. Damn it, I am gonna have to plant more cukes and zucchini cause I didn't plant enough the first time around. We did pick a few partially ripe tomatoes tho and those should ripen in a few days. About the time I need to pick green beans again so I can fix green beans, taters and fresh maters for the fellers. That should make em happy as a pig in slop.
We made our way up to the strawberry patch and raspberries. OMG the morning glories have nearly taken the place. I had mulched the strawberries and raspberries and there is a space between the rows of berries that we intended to keep plowed and keep the weeds down. Well the morning glories came up in that area and have trailed all over the top of the strawberry plants. Talk about a job cleaning those out. So tomorrow evening we are going back and take the weed eater and mow the strips in between the plants and then rake the debris off the berry plants. Tomorrow is another herb drying day so it shouldn't be too much trouble staying cool just doing that. That is if I get out early and cut em and get em in the dehydrator before it gets too hot. These days when it is really hot and in the 100's I just cringe at the thought of going outside to work but if I don't we wont eat. My walking onions have made sets and I really need to gather some of the sets to share with some friends as the bed is getting a lil too thick with onions. Maybe I can take some pics tomorrow so you can see my success and failures. Trust me I do have flubs like everyone else.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Humble wife said...

Hello from New Mexico! I stumbled across your blog as I was looking for some different recipes to try in my pressure canner. I am new to the rural life and learning skills as I go.

I love your blog and have had so much fun reading!