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Friday, July 15, 2011

The rain shot my plans

I got up early, well earlier than normal fer me with big plans to get lots done today. I got started cutting herbs to dry and finished one basket full and then started pulling weeds in the herb bed. The new bed has taken off and done really well. Got lots of weeds pulled out and in a big pile.
With a big pile of weeds in the middle it started to pour rain on me so I got my basket of cut herbs and headed for the summer kitchen. I did get those herbs which happen to be summer savory cleaned, stripped, washed an in the dehydrator. My intention was to go back and finish up weeding and cut more when the rain let up but it rained the rest of the afternoon till late. So I came in to cook supper. We had fresh green beans, new potatoes, fried corn, fresh tomatoes and cornbread, all homegrown stuff. I had sliced cucumbers and onions in salt water with mine tho. A meal that cant be beat for a hillbilly. Later this evening I made a blackberry cobbler from the wild picked blackberries I had canned.
I went out later to check on my chickens in the brooder house. I have far too many in there, a total of about 63 and all really pretty birds. So kinda unique in color and feather.

Really nice bunch of lil birds. They love getting veggie scraps and grass clippings. I hope this weekend if we don't get too much more rain I can put up a temporary fence in the back of the brooder house so they can get out and eat green stuff at will. But for now they thoroughly enjoy shredded cukes and zucchini. Both of which we are kinda short on this season. The rain kinda hampered my cucumber planting this weekend too. Not to mention I did not pick beans this evening in the mud too. They must be picked tomorrow rain or shine. In the meantime I will be trying to finish weeding herbs then onion beds. As you can see my ambitions far exceed my energy and physical ability.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Deb said...

What cute lil chicks. I can't wait til they grow up to find out what kind they all are!