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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Canning season is in full swing

The canning season for us is in full swing now. Rodger went to work, came home again to help me pick a bushel of green beans this morning and he went back to work. I sat on the front porch till around noon stringing beans. Then off to the summer kitchen to break them up and get em canned. That got finished around 4 this evening. I had more tomatoes than we could eat and we decided to make and can a batch of veggie soup. So while the beans were processing I put the veggie soup together and got it in the jars. I went ahead and put them in the pressure canner but didn't turn the flame on till after we went to the garden again and picked a bunch of sweet corn. We picked half way down 2 rows and got 2 big feed bags full of corn. Keep in mind I have 10 rows of sweet corn. We came back to the house and shucked and cleaned the corn and I got it all cut off the cob and ready for the freezer. I did remember to turn the stove on and process the veggie soup while we cleaned corn tho. We got the corn put in zip top bags and in the freezer about the time the soup got done. Rodger put the bags of corn in the freezer on his way in the house and I stayed in the kitchen to let the pressure drop on the canner. While I waited on the canner I checked my last batch of kraut and it was ready to be packed in jars and put in the cellar. So I did that and emptied the soup out of the canner and called it a day and night. Dang my body is tired. I suspect I probably wont be able to move too well tomorrow. But no matter it will be off to the garden again to pick more corn and get it put away.
Not much else happening here on the homestead today, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Honey, I hear ya! The same thing is going on here.Hubby picked about 5 bushels of purple hull peas today while I was at the hospital with my Dad. I know why God made we won't all kill ourselves!

MAFW said...

Do you precook your corn or add butter to it before you freeze it.