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Friday, July 29, 2011

Canning frenzy

It happens every year, same time, all the garden stuff gets ready at one time. We finally got all the corn taken care of that we need to do us for the year. Last evening Rodger and I went and picked more of the Ky Wonder green beans and got those broke and ready to can. I finally got able to walk this morning and got started on those. Had a rough time when I first got up with a really sore toe. I think I broke my toe yesterday when I fell UP the steps on the porch. Yeah ya heard me right, I fell up the steps. Anyway it took a while to walk the soreness out so I could make it to the summer kitchen. Got the beans all washed and in jars and canned up. Decided to make another batch of veggie soup to can. Ended up with about 10 quarts of soup. I had a good deal of red tomatoes that would have spoiled before we could eat them and made juice with those. Not a bad day at all. But by time I was done, my body was done. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to the garden and dig the carrots and get those canned. I think I may also pull the Tobacco Worm bean vines up and pick the beans off those and call them done. We have decided we will not grow climbing beans any more because we never seem to have time to get them staked and they do not do well left to trail on the ground. I am sure I have plenty of okra to cut and put in the freezer too. I really need more bell peppers to freeze and dry but not sure I have planted enough. I had a really hard time getting those to germinate for some reason. But tomorrow is another day. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

After reading all that, I need a nap!

2teens2mother said...

Sorry to hear about your sore toe!