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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Too wet to plant..........again

It was kinda cool this morning and had rained a lil bit over night. Still over cast but not raining about noon and Rodger had went out to get another bag of mulch. I thought 1 would be enough to finish the project that I had started. I got the mulch spread on the bed in back of the house and still came up a lil short. Probably 1 more bag will finish the leeks. Maybe get to that on Monday. Then it started to rain again. We got some pretty heavy rain but didn't last long. Just enough to settle in the seeds that I had planted on Friday evening and give the new strawberry plants a nice boost. My online friends Carl and Gretchen sent me some beautiful strawberry plants, a different variety than the ones I already had. Jason and I got those planted on Friday evening and fertilizer put near them so they should grow by leaps and bounds. Everything has been side dressed at this point so now we wait and hope the garden grows well and produces good.
It had rained too much this morning to get the other field of corn planted  so that will have to wait till next week also. Only planting another half acre or so but it needs to be in to have plenty of time to mature. It is a long season heirloom variety that we can use for cornmeal or stock feed.
With the cool weather today I thought a kettle of tater soup was in order. It was so good. I love potato soup with lots of onions and garlic and I sprinkle my bowl of soup with finely chopped dill. So yummy for the tummy.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



She Chef said...

goodness gracious...I hope you are able to plant soon!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Soup sounds perfect! Not much planting here yet either. But it sounds like you have had a good start.

Deb said...

It finally got dry enough here to plant the sweet corn,lima beans,purple hull peas, okra, and green beans. It has been 90. Now that we've planted all that it's posed to down near 40 this week. Hope your weather is better than ours!