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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The herb bed extension is done

We got the timbers laid last evening for the herb bed extension and the timbers in place for the bed extension out back on the end of the onion bed. Rodger hauled some dirt last evening for the herb bed. Today he finished it up. Dang that is a big area to plant. But thas OK, I can fill it. He also got the dirt put in the bed our back. Jason and I used the rack to level all the dirt off and make it nice an pretty. I was going to try to get some stuff planted today but it started to rain a lil bit and I decided against planting in the rain. We just got enough rain to make a lil layer of mud on top of the soil. If we don't get more rain over night or tomorrow I might get them planted. The rain stopped pretty soon and I did get the used bedding out of the brooder house and fresh straw put down for the Cornish cross. The old used straw is piled to compost for a while and then it gets used to put around the raspberry plants to mulch and add nutrients to them.  I do like to try and keep the Cornish dry and clean. If their bedding gets soiled they do get pretty nasty at butchering time. All they do is eat, drink and sit down. They are quite big for 4 week old chickens. Just a couple more weeks and they will be in the freezer.
When we were finishing up the herb bed, I was needing some weed barrier to put down under the dirt to keep weeds and grass from the yard from coming up thru my plantings. When I started out I was using shredded junk mail that I shred all year long and save just for this kinda stuff. Then I ran out and used paper feed bags that we had saved. Just split those open and put them on the ground over the grass and hose em down and cover with soil. I soon ran out of those and had to resort to the plastic weave feed bags that chicken feed and such come in. Those are split and laid on the grass too just like the paper one. Water will go thru but weeds wont come up thru them. They will eventually rot under the soil but they are free so who can complain. I still have a LOT of those plastic weave feed bags left to use as a weed barrier around the fruit trees in the orchard. I guess the next project will be hauling mulch to mulch in the planting in the beds. When I get them planted. Maybe tomorrow if we don't get more rain. Guess we wait and see what tomorrow holds.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Deb said...

Now I know what to do with all those feed bags! All I need now is a new herb bed. I may have to quit reading your blog because it makes me feel lazy some days though.....