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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photos of fall around here

Today as I was outside just walking around checking on the herb bed and different planting here I did take some photos. For this late time in fall lots of things are still green and growing. My friend Sheri sent me seeds for Red House Free Standing tomato. It amazes me at how green and healthy the plant is after all the others are gone.

I even had a couple of tomatoes on this plant that were ripe. In the background of this photo is the parsley I planted this year that has done great and still growing.
The Castor beans are huge. These plants make risin in the soil to deter moles. I cant say we have even had moles in the whole yard this summer.

I am thinking I will have plenty of Castor bean seeds for next year. Folks around here call them "dog ticks" as that is what the seeds look like. We have not had any moles in our yard or my herb bed all summer and had bunches of them last year when I didn't have Castor beans. So maybe they work.

The photo above is my stevia plants. They are supposed to get sweeter with cooler weather in fall so they are still out. Just have to make sure they don't get frost bit.
Not a lot happening here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Claygirl said...

Stella, I almost planted castor beans once, and then I heard that they were poisonous and backed off until I found out more about them. I know lots of other things are also poisonous, like wisteria, rhubarb and tomato leaves and such, but wasn't sure if the castor beans would cause a problem for the dogs. I sure would like to cut down on the mole population though!
Does stevia not hardy? Don't know much about it. Can you take cuttings from it?

So many things out there to learn about.

Claygirl (Sheri)

Laura from The Wood Garden said...

That's interesting about the Stevia--I didn't realize it got sweeter in cold weather. Perhaps it's a good thing I haven't gotten around to harvesting mine--although I should soon, because here we'll get frost any day now.