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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homesteaders convention, first egg

At the request of some friends I will share with you all some of the pictures from the homesteaders convention or meet-up last weekend.

Above left to right: Deb Todd, Tony (whtdrgn), Tonys wife Karen, Rick(KyHome), Randy(rwwoodcock).

 Deb and Mark in the chicken plucking competition. Great job to all participants. Now Rosie has some chickens in the freezer and hopefully some folks learned a few tips on butchering and cutting up birds.

Randy and I decapitating chickens getting ready for the chicken plucking competition.

Rosie and Sam plucking their chicken while I coach and Sheryl (dachsmom) looks on.

Rick holding a dead nekkid bird. Not sure if he is happy about this task or not. But he did a great job.

Not sure if Randy is going up or coming down. lol Actually he is demonstrating how to set snares for catching small game .

Above left to right: Sheryl (dachsmom), Don (12v), Mark and the back side of Rosie.

Above left to right: Mark Todd, Deb Todd (hippiechick), Sam and Rosie, the host for the homesteader get together. 

Randy, myself and Danny (dgr's hubby) looking for the handle to the iron skillet we had burned out in the bonfire the night before. One skillet cracked and lost a handle, the other 2 came out fine. They are in the process of being re seasoned.

 Back on the farm. Rodger took feed out to the chicken house for me this evening and found this in the chicken house. This is the first egg from my young pullets. So I know I have at least 1 Easter egger out there. The other pullets should follow suit shortly as they are all about the same age.

Not much else happening here on the farm. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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She Chef said...

that looks like a great time.