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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Some days just dont happen

Seems I have a lot of those days that I get nothing done. Not sure what I did to my back, again, but walking is a major problem right now. I didnt rest well last night, just could not get comfortable for my lower back and left hip and leg hurting so bad. I guess I have made the sciatic nerve mad at me again. It is really pissed this time too. Ugh!! And I got a list as long as your arm of things I need to get done in the next couple days.

We had to take Sasha back to the vet today to get her 3month booster shots and rabies vaccine. She is growing like a bad weed. She weighs 20 lb 2  ozs now, gained another 7 lbs since 3 weeks ago. And the vet said she has not hit her growth spurt yet. Oh my, she is gonna weigh more than me by time she is a year old at this rate. She is being treated also now for a minor skin infection, he said it was not mange, which is what I thought it might be. So we have to give her a bath in medicated shampoo and she has to take meds for a week and he said this should fix her right up. He also told us this is pretty normal for puppies her age. So as long as she is not miserable I will be a happy camper. She is a hyper little thing now too. It is getting harder to trick her into going in her pen for the evening. I wont let her run out yet but that is for her safety.

We went to the garden last evening to pick a few tomatoes, squash and so I could tie up the blackberry plants, again. My thornless blackberries are growing like crazy and putting up new shoots like nobodies business. I am trying really hard to keep them upright and trained to climb on the garden fence so they dont fall over and get whacked off by the weed eater. From all indication I should have an abundance of blackberries next season.

The garden is looking nice and we are starting to get a few things from it now. We have had enough tomatoes to eat with meals, I got several yellow squash and plan is to roast those tomorrow with some bell peppers and onions from the garden.

We drove thru the vineyard and seems to still be plenty of grapes on the vines. As of yet nothing is eating them. Crossing my fingers that they stay there long enough to ripen so we can make juice and wine. We drove thru the orchard just looking at the fruit trees and to see if just by some small chance some peaches might be right. And the peaches were ripe on one of the trees. It is not hard to tell I still left too many peaches on the tree when I fruit pruned them earlier this summer. They taste great but are not the largest things in the world. This is what happens when you go to the garden without taking a bucket.

 You end up with your shirt tail full of some kind of fruit or produce. But I will stretch a work shirt out of shape to enjoy a fresh off the tree peach. Tomorrow will get those peeled and frozen for later. Not really enough to worry about canning them. Think these might be nice in some homemade ice cream.

This is the first season we have actually had dill ready to use before the cukes are ready. So I need to cut and freeze the dill so we will have it available when we get started making dill pickles in a few weeks. Its all these lil jobs that can wear you out in short order around here.

So its off to bed with me and hope I can walk some tomorrow and get a few things knocked off my to-do list. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Carl Belken said...

This Be Carl,

Your back right now sounds like mine. I went in for my shot in the spine on July 7th. I usually get a 50 to 60% improvement but I was in the middle of a big flare up so I only got 20%.

I was doing fine when we had hot dry weather. All these storms started rolling through every few days and the pain level went up.

A day or two ago the pain disappeared. I went up to Gretchen out in the garden and said "Look at me!" "I can move freely again!" It was so nice... Then I took Dolly for a truck ride. I made one wrong move in the truck seat and I was back to square one.

Fortunately I'm better now and I'll remember in the future not to jinx myself by claiming I'm pain free.

Most of our corn stood back up again! We will have a few peaches this year and maybe a few pears too. The warm spring weather followed by a couple of hard freezes took out our fruit.

I hope that your back pain disappears and don't come back like mine did!