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Monday, July 4, 2016

Rain makes corn, Corn makes whiskey...........

Well you know the song. Or not. We did get a nice rain here today. A much needed rain at that. Our garden was getting a little on the dry side. But it was still growing and looking good. Sweet corn is starting to tassel. I have lots of little green tomatoes. Potatoes we planted just a week or so ago are coming up. Hoping for a late crop to store in the cellar this fall. They should make taters before we get frost. I have lots of little green peppers on my bell pepper plants. Yep that makes me a happy camper.

We seemed to have some issues getting seeds to come up this year. That explains the missing spots in the rows. In the transplanted plants we have some missing due to deer getting them before we got the fence put up. They cant get it now. These photos were taken right after Rodger finished tilling Friday evening. Now with the nice rain we had today I can imagine it has all grown several inches. Or at least it seems too with every plowing and little shower of rain.

I went to the orchard while we were at the garden to see if the light spraying got rid of the Japanese beetles that were eating on the trees. It did kill them. AND we were checking the Hazelnut bushes and found these on them. They have a few nuts on them this year. I dont know squat about these bushes or their habits but sure didnt see them bloom like any other normal tree. But was excited to see a few nuts.
Today has been one lazy day around here. I think to the point where Rodger was getting really bored. I suggested several things for him to do while it rained but he declined all of my ideas. Ya know, clean out closets, sort socks and toss ones with holes. None of that sounded fun to him. So it didnt get done. No matter, I didnt do anything either.

So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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